Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Patty Shell or Rosettes Recipe

Patty Shells, also known as Rosettes or Snowflake Cookies are delicate, mild flavored, individually fried cookies. You fry the rosettes with a patty shell iron in melted vegetable shortening. Dust the rosettes with powdered sugar and you will have cookies that look just like snowflakes. These make wonderful holiday or wintertime cookies. I have also made rosettes for bridal shower and baby shower treats.

Rosettes (Snowflake Cookies)
Rosette/Snowflake Cookie Recipe

            Heat 1 ½ pounds of shortening to 365 degrees. You can use a candy thermometer to determine the temperature.

          Make batter:
1 cup flour
1-3 teaspoons sugar
1 cup milk
1 egg, unbeaten
½ teaspoon salt
    Mix the batter ingredients until smooth.

Patty Shell Mold
   Heat the patty shell mold by dipping it into the melted shortening for about 15 seconds. Let the excess oil drain off.

           Dip the mold into the batter. Hold it level and avoid getting the batter on the top of the mold. It will be difficult to remove the patty shell if the batter fries over the top. Dip the mold just enough for the batter to come up the sides of the mold, so it can slide off easily.

3        Dip the batter-covered mold in the shortening for about 45 seconds or until lightly browned.

            The rosette should fall off the mold when you remove it from the shortening. If it doesn’t fall off on its own,  you can gently push it off the mold with tip of a fork.

5         Place the snowflake cookies on a paper towel to remove any extra oil.

            Sprinkle the cookies with powdered sugar. You can use a sifter to spread the sugar evenly across the  rosettes.


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