Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Best Lo-Carb Recipe Site

If you are following a lo-carb diet or thinking about it, take a look at Linda's Lo Carb Menus and Recipes.  Lind's recipes give information on calories, carbs and fiber and also tell you how many carbs per serving for all the recipes. She has tried all the recipes on her website and gives a review and tweaks for every one of them. Each recipe has a picture, so you can tell just what you are eating.

Linda Sue puts a star next to all the lo-carb recipes that are acceptable for Atkin's Induction, also. This site is a life saver for me when I get bogged down and bored with lo carb dieting. I've tried a lot of Linda Sue's recipes and can honestly say that they have all been tasty, especially the lo-carb desserts!

So, if you are following the Atkin's diet or just cutting down on carbs, check out Linda's Lo Carb Menus and Recipes.